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About Pink Sand

Pink Sand Spirits, Co. was conceived by four friends in Harbour Island to celebrate the elevated lifestyle of living and vacationing in The Bahamas. Featuring a full range of Bahamian inspired white spirits and spirits-based seltzers, our products are crafted with all-natural flavors for a deliciously refreshing sipping experience. Our branding reflects the same refined essence of our sun, ‘pink’ sand & sea lifestyle and invites you to “Crack Open the Good Life” with us!

About Us

When my parents decided to take us on vacation to Eleuthera over 40 years ago, the travel agent had no idea where it even was! Since that first trip, all of our experiences in the Bahamas have been no less than magical. From the exploration of deserted beaches, to the incredible relationships that were forged along the way, the experiences and memories that we have created through the years shaped us.

It is those very experiences and relationships that brought 4 eventual friends together on an improbable journey. A journey to attempt to bottle and share the best of the Bahamas with the rest of the world. Every one of our memories through the years has guided the development of the Pink Sand brand, the colors, the flavors, & the experience. We invite you to 'Crack Open The Good Life' with us!

- Pablo, Shaq, Toby, & Alex

Premium Seltzers & Spirits

From seltzers to spirits, each Pink Sand product embodies the elegance and playfulness of the Bahamas, offering a sip of island living to anyone willing to indulge.

Crack Open the Good Life

It's a lifestyle and island state of mind. Crack open a can or bottle and #CrackOpenTheGoodLife with us!